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http://consumer-voice.org/product-tag/infrastructure/ PremierPath401k is pre-configured with features that maximize retirement readiness and streamline administration. Choose from the Basic or Enhanced Plan to meet your goals.



Includes automatic plan enrollment, discretionary employer contributions, and keeps fees and costs to a minimum.
  • 60 Day Eligibility – Employees are eligible for the first day of month 60 days post-hire.
  • 5% Auto Enrollment – Employees are automatically enrolled after 60 days with a 5% salary deferral. They can elect a different amount or opt out at any time.  Download Fact Sheet
  • Discretionary Match – The plan includes a discretionary matching contribution feature that is funded each payroll.
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing – The plan includes a discretionary contribution option with an FICA-Integrated Allocation Forumla. This formula allocates a slightly larger percentage of contributions to highly-paid employees.
  • Vesting Schedule – The Discretionary Match and Profit Sharing is subject to 6-Year Vesting (0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%).


The Enhanced Plan is for employers seeking an enhanced retirement savings plan and includes all features of the basic plan.
  • One Year Eligibility – Option to extend eligibility to the first of the month one year post-hire.
  • Safe Harbor Design – Highly compensated employees can maximize their own savings. Employers choose either (1) a mandatory match of 100% up to the first 3% of compensation and 50% on the next 2%, (2) match of 100% up to the first 4%, or (3) a mandatory 3% contribution to each employee.  Download Fact Sheet
  • Custom Employer Contributions – Add a custom feature to maximize contributions for owners or highly compensated employees (up to $57,000 and $63,500 over age 50 in 2020). See below for more details.
  • Optional Features – Add a 1% Auto Deferral Increase Feature (up to 8%). Each year on January 1, employees contribution rates are automatically increased by 1%.

Each option is pre-configured with common plan design features.   PremierPath401k Design Details

Custom Profit Sharing Option

The Enhanced Plan offers a custom profit sharing feature called “New Comparability” that maximizes contributions to owners or highly-compensated employees.   Download Fact Sheet

Overview of New Comparability, Custom Profit Sharing Option

Overview of New Comparability

New Comparability allows employers to make different contributions to different employee groups such as owners, highly-compensated employees, and other employees.

  • Maximize Contributions for Owners / Key Employees
  • Contributions are Discretionary
  • Different Contribution Rates for Employee Groups
  • Flexible Design to Meet Employer Goals
  • Can be Combined with a 401(k) Plan
  • Works Best if Owners are Older Than Other Employees
Good Candidates, Custom Profit Sharing Option

Good Candidates

Good candidates include businesses where owners have higher income, steady profits and cash flow, and where owners are older on average than other employees.

  • Owners Seeking Maximum Contributions
  • Physicians and Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices and Orthodontists
  • Law Firms
  • Architectural Firms
  • Other Professional Companies

Custom Profit Sharing Example

Below is an example of a Custom Profit Sharing Contribution compared to a basic plan. Many different designs are possible as employees are classified in groups and different amounts are funded to each group. Click the button below to let JULY prepare a no-cost, custom plan design illustration for your company.



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